Lynda Bahr Jewelry

Celebrate the Mosaics of Life


If you look at Gustav Klimt’s “Golden Period” masterpiece, “The Kiss” you will immediately understand the similar passion, artistry and vision found in the rings of California-based jewelry artist, Lynda Bahr. Just like Klimt’s hauntingly beautiful painting, Lynda has combined layers, patterns and textures of metals and stones for a remarkably contemporary feel, yet her jewelry recalls earlier eras of art as seen in illuminated manuscripts, the Art Nouveau gilded period or use of gold tiles/paint in medieval religious mosaics.

The use of patterning from both roller printing and Mokume Gane, the flatness of metal shapes, colored gemstones or diamonds and the use of textures ensures each piece Lynda Bahr creates is not only unique unto itself but highly personal and a one-of-a-kind.

Lynda Bahr rings reflect and honor the ever-changing flow of life, love and art. Try a ring on or hold it in your hand to truly understand and appreciate the artistry in these wearable timeless masterpieces.

Got the ring. We love it! It's really beautiful. Thanks for working with me to have this special ring.