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Talisman Moonstone Drop Earrings

18k Yellow Gold frames with 14k rose, green & white gold and mokume gane accents. Mokume gane is in wood grain patterning made from 18k green gold, 14k rose & white gold and shakudo. The stripe patterning is made with sterling silver and shadudo. The shakudo is a gold and copper alloy. The stones are 10mm blue moonstone drops with a multi-faceted surface. The ear wires are 18k yellow gold.

Additional Info

Retail Price: $2975
Catalog Number: Talisman-custom moonstone drop earring
Dimensions: 1 ¾ inch in length when worn, measured from the top of the ear wire, the mosaic is ½ inch in diameter, the moonstones are 10mm in diameter
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I find myself turning the ring around and around on my finger in order to enjoy all the complexity of the design.