Lynda Bahr Jewelry

Celebrate the Mosaics of Life


Lynda Bahr’s earrings are studies in graphic design, miniature compositions which showcase her use of texture, patterns, and layers to tell a story. And as in all well-written stories, there is a background, built on a framework or structure both powerful and subtle, with the body of the story being either complex or remarkably simple. However, in the end it should all make sense and tie together, otherwise the design or story doesn’t work.

Lynda’s earrings are a careful balance of all these elements. Framework and space. Complexity and simplicity. Powerful and subtle. Background and layers. Texture and plain. Gold and silver. Contemporary and ancient. Engineered and flowing. These visual, yet highly wearable vignettes truly capture the poetic contradictions that make Lynda’s distinctive style so graphically pleasing. Because in the end, it all makes sense.

The ring is absolutely beautiful...You do truly beautiful work.