Lynda Bahr Jewelry

Celebrate the Mosaics of Life

Laguna Series

The Laguna Series line was developed five years ago to offer a lighter more feminine version of my mosaic rings. It started with the first ring having a large center stone wrapped with a mokume gane leaf and scattered small diamond side stones and gold balls.

It then grew into a competition between myself and my assistant Stacy to see what kind of additional elements we could design in mokume gane and gold and add to the ring.

The cast to date includes different shapes of caterpillars, striped balls, diamond studded balls, and all colors of gold leaves. The elements take on a whimsical look at the flower buds, leaves, and the bugs one sees in the garden.

The most recent addition to the line is a ring with elements and small diamonds dispersed around the perimeter of the ring. I wanted the ring to show a different view each time it is rotated so the wearer can virtually have a new ring to gaze on each time it is turned.

These rings make ideal commitment or wedding bands.

A spectacular and unique wedding band...