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Celebrate the Mosaics of Life

Three Diamond Tunitis Creek Mosaic Band

Sterling silver rails and band under mosaic patterning. Mosaic pattern is made from 22k and 18K yellow gold, 14k rose, green, and white gold. Sterling with patina. Mokume Gane is in the stripe and wood grain patterning. The Mokume Gane contains the additional element of shakudo which is a gold and copper alloy. This ring has three diamonds. They are (1) 1.7 mm,(1)1.5mm, &(1)1.3mm in size. They are all SI1 brilliant cut diamonds. The mosaic pattern varies from ring to ring so each piece is a unique piece of art. The ring is priced for sizes up to a 9. For larger sizes please contact us. To ensure a comfortable fit, professional sizing is strongly recommended.

Additional Info

Retail Price: $2025
Catalog Number: R-3-8
Dimensions: 8mm wide band
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It's stunning!! The placement of the stones, the placement of the engraving, everything! I can never thank you enough.