Lynda Bahr Jewelry

Celebrate the Mosaics of Life

Pendants & Brooches

In Lynda Bahr’s pendants and brooches one can readily compare her approach to design with Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows or the futuristic sculptures of Italian artist, Pomodoro or the pre-Bauhaus movement of the constructivists. These similarities might be due to the fact that Lynda was an interior architect for many years in San Francisco and has approached her jewelry with the same critical sensibilities and eye for detail as an architect, engineer or sculptor, where design and structure are foremost. Craftsmanship is to be honored. Wearability a must.

Lynda’s designs are composed of hand-crafted geometric shapes, layers, patterns and textures which are juxtaposed to each other, forming a cohesive design. And like all of Lynda’s jewelry they are always a delightful contradiction. Mathematical and organic. Empty space and exquisite details. Ancient shrine and contemporary furniture. Structure and whimsy. It is all there....waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be worn. Waiting to make you smile.

It is truly a work of art. I love all the elements. It is an heirloom that I will pass on to my daughter.