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Lorraine Bangle

Sterling silver frame with patina & 22k Bimetal, 18K yellow gold, 14k rose gold and mokume gane. The striped mokume gane is made from sterling silver, shakudo (a copper and gold alloy), and shibuichi (a silver and copper alloy). Wood Grain Mokume Gane is made from sterling silver, Shibuichi, shakudo, and copper. Stone: Fresh water pearl, 7.5mm, color: peacock.

Bracelet measures 4mm wide on the thick portion and 2mm wide on thin portion. The bracelet is oval shaped and 7.85 inches in circumference and fits a medium size wrist.

The bracelet opening flexes to open a little wider to fit over your hand.

Additional Info

Retail Price: $600
Catalog Number: lorraine
Dimensions: 7.85‚ÄĚdiameter with flexible opening
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